“Christians are not perfect, by any means, but they can be people made fully alive.”

product specs

  • Number of pages : 190
  • Cover type : Soft Cover
  • Book dimensions : 11.5 CM * 21.5 CM
  • Year of print : 2015
  • ISBN : 9789059502253

Wa Anta Ya Azizi

What can we find in the underprivileged fringe outskirts? We find poverty, misery, boredom, tiresome and poor services. However, if we lived in such a place, we could find a positive value hidden in all of this negativity. We might find simple people, transparent souls and a kind of deep and abyssal wisdom, which give life a meaning. The world of underprivileged is a place of joy hidden behind sadness- joy that is disconnected from technology and means of comfort. However, it is generated from inside- from the heart of humanity.

This book narrates stories from one of those underprivileged places in Homs (Syria), where people are famous for sense of humor. They are social, simple and express their feelings and experiences with simple words, but deep meanings. Therefore, the stories here are theirs, and I retold them with a bit of fantasy and a lot of literature. These stories describe their misery on one hand, and their hopes and optimism on the other. They include useful experiences to all people, no matter which social class they belong to.


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