The Cross is not simply a lovely example of sacrificial love. Throwing your life away needlessly is not admirable — it is wrong

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  • Number of pages : 109
  • Cover type : Soft
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  • Year of print : 2008
  • ISBN : 978-90-5950-078-5


180 Degree Series

Relationships are the source of our sweetest, most poignant moments…and also of our deepest pain. They are the most difficult task we will undertake and yet we cannot thrive without them. Many of us find ourselves ‘relationally-challenged’—without the skills to make relationships work.

How can we develop ‘social intelligence’—the ability to relate well to others? How should our relationships change and mature with age and different stages of life? What about relationships with the opposite sex? How can we have healthy boundaries with others? Dr. Awsam explores these and other questions providing insight and practical answers.

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