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product specs

  • Number of pages : 44
  • Cover type : hard
  • Book dimensions : 22cm * 22 cm
  • Year of print : 2017
  • ISBN : 9789059502567

My Ready Set Find Bible

My Ready Set Find Bible

This book tells 22 stories from the Old and the New Testaments, with objects to look for in illustrations in both Arabic & English, children will learn more than 190 new words.

It covers well-known & special stories in the Bible, such as Elijah & the prophets of Baal, Ruth, and The Good Samaritan, besides, the creation story, the flood, crossing the red sea, Abraham & Isaak, Joseph, Daniel, Queen of Sheba, Samuel calling, birth of Jesus, feeding people, The lost sheep, palm Sunday, crucifixion & resurrection of Jesus. It has beautiful child friendly illustrations with simple language.

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