Living a pure life before GOD requires team work from the heart and the feet

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  • Number of pages : 177
  • Cover type : Soft
  • Book dimensions : 11.7x16cm
  • Year of print : 2009
  • ISBN : 978-90-5950-142-3

I Need Help

180 Degree Series

Addiction--depending on a substance or behavior or relationship in an unhealthy way so that can’t live without it. When this happens we lose control and can no longer manage our lives. A person can be addicted to alcohol, drugs or food; to shopping, gambling, computer games. Others become workaholics, rageaholics, addicted to approval, or to another person emotionally or sexually. As humans, pretty much anything that meets a need can become an addiction.

This book tackles the issues of addiction and recovery, includes a 12-step recovery program and examines the question of addiction as sin or illness.

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