...for some of us, one mile can be more to walk than thirty

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  • Number of pages : 131
  • Cover type : Soft
  • Book dimensions : 12.9 x 19 cm
  • Year of print : 2010
  • ISBN : 978-90-5950-125-6

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The Chapman Guide to Negotiating Change with Your Spouse

Those annoying habits can be damaging to a relationship over time. There's hope for change. Dr. Chapman provides a do-it-yourself approach to helping couples learn to overcome bad habits. By learning and using Dr. Chapman's simple 3-step process (admitting and asking forgiveness for your own past failures; discovering and speaking your spouse's love language; and learning the proper time, place, and way to request behavioral change), couples will be able to successfully negotiate change without resorting to arguing or manipulation.

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