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Awsam Wasfi

Dr. Awsam Wasfi has a bachelor's degree in pre-medicine, a master's degree in psychiatric and neurological diseases. and a bachelor degree in Theology from the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (2005) where he has been teaching "Theology and Psychology" and "Church and Recovery since then.

He has been practicing since 1992 in the fields of psychotherapy, counseling and addictions rehabilitation, and has lectured in a number of Arab countries in these areas of study as well.

He is the founder of a number of programs, including one which supports mental health and recovery and one with a focus on educating teenagers. In 2005, he started The Healing Love Program to offer hope to homosexuals. Dr. Awsam also serves as the regional representative for the largest global association working with homosexuals. The association offers occasional advice to the Arab Region AIDS program of the UNDP (United Nations).

Dr. Awsam is married, lives in Cairo, and has a sixteen year-old daughter and a thirteen year-old son.

He has been writing books since 2004, including, ‘‘صحَّة العلاقات’’(Healthy Relationships), ‘‘الروحانيَّة والتعافي’’(Spirituality and Recovery'), ‘‘القلب الواعي’’ (The Conscious Heart), ‘‘مهارات المشورة’’ (Counseling Skills), ‘‘مهارات الحياة’’ (Life Skills) as well as the 12-booklet series 180 Degrees for youth and youth workers, produced by Ophir Publishers between 2008-2011.


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