Everybody thinks of changing humanity and nobody thinks of changing himself

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  • Number of pages : 224
  • Cover type : soft
  • Book dimensions : 14.5cm * 20cm
  • Year of print : 2019
  • ISBN : 978905950273

And the Butterfly Landed

Cancer is a vicious beast that does not differentiate people, and violently rebukes the young and the elder, women and men, saints and villain. But what makes a difference are those who overtakes this beast, perhaps not in their bodies, but first in their hearts and souls. This is the story of Grace, a young girl who is thin like a butterfly, and like a butterfly, she started making her way to life until she withered and couldn’t fly again.
In this book: And the Butterfly Landed, the writer shares the frustrations and disappointments of his daughter Grace, and her existential questions about God and the justice of life, while also highlighting how she experienced the power of God's presence during her pain.
The writer goes through the stages of suffering. He starts with the difficulty of accepting the shock, and how to deal with the emerging situation. He mentions the way the medical team handles the situation with its pros and cons, and the great support of everyone around her to help her through this difficult stage.
The writer also records his daughter's friendly conversations with her family, her influential words as well as the description of the bitterness of her pain, the sanctity of her tears, the charm of her smiles, and her struggle between love and death. After mentioning her constant thanks to God in such circumstances, where it is very difficult for someone to thank God, he finally inscribes Grace's writings which have been published in public without hesitation.

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