A faith without some doubts is like a human body without antibodies in it

about us

From the beginning of its short history, Ophir Printers & Publishers has been about being a leader in the marketplace and setting the bar for excellence in publishing. Started in Amman as a division of Jongbloed Holland in 1998, we have since established ourselves as an ambitious and up-and-coming Jordanian company with 130+ titles to date in our repertoire.

We aspire to revive a reading culture in the Arab world and thus to advance education and progress in the region. To this end we have tried to produce books that would empower our readers, bettering their lives as well as challenging the false perspectives prevalently held in this part of the world.

Our publications appeal to readers of all denominational backgrounds, as evidenced by readers from Orthodox to Catholic to Evangelical churches who embrace and recommend our work.

We trust that, in the years to come, Ophir will continue to be a market leader in producing high quality books and media that inspire, challenge and educate, believing that the knowledge of God is the basis for all positive and lasting change.


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